Society of Endodontists, Singapore (SES) Scientific Meeting 2015

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SES Scientific Meeting 24-25th October 2015 Photos


\Dr Terence Jee

Dr Terence Jee, Chairman of the Organising Committee giving the Opening Address.

Prof Markus Haapsalo

Prof. Markus Haapasalo giving the keynote address.

Prof Gary Cheung, Dr Lim Kian Chong

Prof Gary Cheung receiving his token of appreciation from Dr Lim Kian Chong.

Dr Jeffrey Chang, Dr Victoria Yu

Dr Jeffrey Chang receiving his gift of appreciation from Dr Victoria Yu.

Dr Hsieh Sung-Chih

Assoc Prof Hsieh Sung-Chih talking about endodontic failures.


Discussions during the teabreak.

Participants 2

Dr Tan Ban Cheng

Dr Tan Wah Ching delivering her periodontal perspective on endodontic surgery.

Dr Kuah Hong Guan

SES President Dr Kuah Hong Guan addressing the audience.

Organising Committee

The organising committe with some speakers. From left: Dr Andy Lim, Dr Lee Chee Wee, Dr Wu Siwen, Dr Mehek Kalra, Prof Gary Cheung, Dr Terence Jee, Dr Lui Jeen Nee, Prof Markus Haapasalo, Dr Benny Goh, Dr Kuah Hong Guan, Dr Guo Weidi.



Your Committee for 2017-2019

At our Biennial General Meeting at Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant on Monday 6th Mar 2017, the following office bearers were elected:

President : Dr Terence Jee
Vice President : Dr Andy Lim 
Treasurer: Dr Wataru Ode
Secretary: Dr Wu Siwen 
Committee members: 
Dr Lui Jeen Nee
Dr Benny Goh
Dr Tan Shao Yong