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The Malaysian Endodontic Society (MES) was formed in 1988, under the brainchild of Dr Majinah Ahmad. The aim of the MES then was to have an organization in the country to promote endodontics among general dental practitioners and acquire information on the latest technology and development in the endodontic world. 


In line with the aims of MES and focusing on continuing dental education, Professor Dr Syngcuk Kim was the first international prominent endodontist, invited by the MES,  to conduct lectures and a workshop in 1989. The first  Annual Scientific Meeting was held on 15-16th August, 1989, with Professor James Gutmann as the Keynote speaker. Throughout the years, the MES was fortunate enough to have some of the world renown endodontists and leaders in the endodontic fraternity, namely Professor Harold Messer, Professor M. Torabinejad, Dr. Richard Walker and Dr Julian Webber, to travel to Kuala Lumpur and share their knowledge and clinical experience with the MES members. 


Currently, the MES is the official organization in Malaysia for endodontists and dental practitioners with special interest in endodontics. It is an affiliate of the Malaysian Dental Association and a member of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation.The Endodontic Bulletin is the official annual publication of the MES.


Contact MES: mesenquiry@gmail.com 

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